Hussain Trust began as an

Ambition to Serve Humanity


At Hussain Trust, we believe that attainment of education is the basic right of every individual. Hence, we strive to make quality education accessible to those who cannot afford it by assisting them in paying for their school fee, books, uniforms, stationary etc. We also purchase the latest learning equipment such as computers and laptops for students. Moreover, Hussain Trust has also made donations to assist various schools that were struggling with financial constraints.


We ensure the provision of adequate health care facilities to the disadvantaged by offering funds for the treatment of people with various medical conditions such as diabetes, lung, liver and heart diseases, cancer and trauma cases. Pakistan is a country with one of the highest numbers of maternal and infant mortality. Therefore, in order to combat these ever-increasing numbers, we also offer financial help to pregnant women so that they are not deprived of basic maternal and child-care services.


In a country where thousands go to sleep at night with no food in their stomachs and no roof over their heads, Hussain Trust is making every possible effort to provide food, shelter, clothing and other basic amenities to as many destitute individuals as it can reach out to. We have constructed houses for several homeless families and also pay the housing rent for the families that cannot afford these expenditures. Moreover, Hussain Trust also provides monthly food ration to several families.


We firmly believe in the saying ‘give a man a piece of bread and he won’t starve for a day, give him a means to earn his bread and he won’t starve for all his life’. We provide financial assistance in the form of loans and donations to individuals for setting up small businesses and equip them with a permanent means of earning an income for themselves.


Hussain Trust supports girls from poor families by assisting them with their matrimonial expenditures. We make all the necessary arrangements for their marriages and ensure that these families are able to marry their daughters off happily without a heavy financial burden on their heads.

Give money and time

The attainment of knowledge in Islam is one of the most pivotal obligations of a Muslim.