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‘Never will you attain the good [reward] until you spend [in the way of Allah] from that which you love. And whatever you spend – indeed, Allah is Knowing of it.’ Surah Al-e-Imraan 3:92

With these very Islamic tenets as its foundation, the Hussain trust, an independent, nongovernmental and nonprofit organization, was founded by the Hussain family in 2010.

Hussain Trust began as an ambition to serve humanity; a humble effort to give back to Allah’s (SWT) creations a portion of the bounties He (SWT) has endowed us with. It is an endeavor to help the distressed, to give homes to the desolate, to feed the hungry, and to give orphans a sanctuary; above all, it is an enterprise intended to spread compassion, equity, and tolerance as Allah (SWT) has decreed.

In a society distraught with injustice and suffering, where people are denied the most basic of their rights and where prejudice and intolerance run rampant, the Hussain family embarked upon this journey to create a positive difference and to address the grievances of those less fortunate among us.

By Allah’s (SWT) grace, what commenced as a simple desire to create a difference in the society has grown in to a flourishing organization today. The Hussain Trust has under its fold numerous projects, each of which is playing its part in furthering our mission to work for the welfare of humanity. Hussain Trust’s inaugural project, Sakina Home – for girls without parents, provides a home to girls where they can prosper and grow up to be productive members of the society. Batool Centre is yet another institute burgeoning under Hussain Trust’s umbrella.

It imparts Islamic education to women of diverse age groups so as to ensure that not only do they themselves become better Muslims but also promulgate Islamic teachings in their communities. For information on all the services offered by the Hussain Trust, click here.

We, at Hussain Trust, consider it a privilege that Allah (SWT) has bestowed us with a chance to help humanity; for all that one has, comes from Allah (SWT) and all that he takes back is the good he does in this world in Allah’s (SWT) name.

‘O son of Adam if you have collected anything in excess of your actual need you will act only as its trustee for someone else to use it.’  – Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib

Our Services

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At Hussain Trust, we believe that attainment of education is the basic right of every individual. Hence, we strive to make quality education accessible to those who cannot afford it by …

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We ensure the provision of adequate health care facilities to the disadvantaged by offering funds for the treatment of people with various medical conditions such as …

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In a country where thousands go to sleep at night with no food in their stomachs and no roof over their heads, Hussain Trust is making every possible effort to provide food…

– 04

We firmly believe in the saying ‘give a man a piece of bread and he won’t starve for a day, give him a means to earn his bread and he won’t starve for all his life’. We provide financial assistance…

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Hussain Trust supports girls from poor families by assisting them with their matrimonial expenditures. We make all the necessary arrangements for their marriages and ensure…

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